The commercial applications of concrete polishing can make or break your business. The sharp modern look paired with stenciled company branding will have your business standing out from the competition. The reflective qualities can reduce the cost of lighting by up to 40%. New or old concrete, we can find you a solution!

Polyaspartic and Epoxy are strong finishes with a long warranties that are easy to clean. They have many finish and design options which make them perfect for any space, indoors or out. This is a perfect flooring solution for a large commercial space, food grade facility or office.

Do you have flaking or cracked concrete that needs to be replaced? At a fraction of the cost of replacing it we can give you a surface that looks amazing, is suitable for Alberta weather and will look new for decades to come. Instead of grass pour in place makes a perfect play surface. It allows for water penetration and run off making it easy to clean. It can be used to as an alternative to wood chips around trees and is ideal for use in ATV/livestock trailers.